How To Install A Dishwasher

I have been plumbing for many years now and have seen many people try and install a dishwasher on their own. Of course the ones I see are the unsuccessful ones. The ones that flooded their homes because of not installing the dishwasher properly. Now I know you want to save some money, but let’s learn how to do it before we move forward. The little bit of time it takes will pay off. I even suggest it is worth buying a how to book to make sure you don’t flood your house. Since you are about to save around $250 to $400 depending on the type of dishwasher you are installing!

So how come one person does it right and the other fails miserably samsung dishwasher repair los angeles? Probably the same reason I can not fix my own car. Everybody says you’re a plumber, doesn’t that mean you are mechanically inclined? Yes, it does mean that, but does it mean I have the knowledge to fix my own car, no definitely not! Can I get that knowledge and do simple repairs? Sure, of course. So that is why you are here now. To grasp as simply as I can tell you on how to install a dishwasher. Let’s get started.

Installing a dishwasher

First locate the shut-off valve under the sink. Turn off the water. Now remove the front plate of the dishwasher. These are normally held on with two screws. Turn off the breaker to the dishwasher, before disconnecting the power supply. Now disconnect the electrical cord, and unthread the water line. Now under the sink you will have to take apart the drain connection coming from the dishwasher.

Removing the dishwasher

To remove the dishwasher you need to remove to screws that should be under the counter, just above the door of the dishwasher. After removing these two screws you can start to pull out the unit. Careful not to damage the waterline. You may have to reach underneath the unit to pull on the drain hose if it gets stuck.

The waterline and the electrical wire will still be in place under the dishwasher.

Continue to slide the unit out from under the countertop. Careful not to scratch your floors. I do these myself, but you may want someone to help you so you do not damage your flooring.

Now remove the other dishwasher from the box. Slide it under the counter while feeding the drain hose through the hole. And keeping the waterline from kinking. Just so you know the waterline can be copper, poly-b (gray plastic), Pex (white plastic), or flexible burst proof stainless steal.

After sliding the unit into place adjust the feet to make sure the unit is level. Now hook up the electrical and waterline and the drain line. Screw the two screws into the bottom of the counter to keep the dishwasher from tipping. Turn on the electrical breaker and water supply valve. Check for leaks, tighten where necessary. Now turn on the dishwasher and run through a cycle, again checking for leaks on the waterline and on the drain line under the sink. Install the faceplate of the unit.

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